ACTA Architectology. Note from the editors

Since the 4th of September, 2017, our name has changed to  ACTA Architectology®. We have been approved by the authorities and now are a registered association at Spain’s R.N.A. (National Registry of Associations). For this reason, our official name is now (more…)



‘…architectology® should include critical theory and architectural criticism within as much as the…constituents of architecture – from the science of materials, construction and structural calculus to history, social studies, theory or composition…This way architecture could indulge to proudly show its internal equilibrium between episteme, techné and poiesis…’

Concha Diez-Pastor (2012), ‘Architectology®: architectural knowledge construction’, SAJAH vol. 27, nr 1, 2012: 1-8.

Architectology® is the scholarly research and scientific study of the composition, theory and history of architecture, from the scope of architecture as total art and discipline; in this sense there is no division of it in parts that are studied and researched separately, as all of them – science of materials, construction, structural calculus, drawing, drafting, theory, composition etcetera – need to remain within architecture as a whole.


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